Professional Events

Our chapter invites alumni, business professionals from different backgrounds, and professors to guest speak about their job, how to network, how to prepare for a job interview, and sell ourselves, and other topics that will help us transition into the professional world. Our Chapter hosts the annual Going Pro conference that is open to the public, other chapters, the Gabelli School of Business, and anyone from surrounding colleges. Business owners, recruiters, and CEO's are invited to speak at the day long business conference hosted on the RWU campus. We often host alumni panels as well to gain insight into job searching and life after grad. The day you are initiated into Delta Sigma Pi begins your exposure to professionalism and networking. The work you put it will only benefit you and prepare you for your future career.

One of the major professional events that is held provincially and nationwide, is the LEAD (Leadership and Excellence Academics for Deltasigs) event. LEAD offers DSP brothers great opportunities in the professional world, networking, brainstorming ideas for the chapter, initiating change, and is a great way to make connections with other Deltasigs from other schools around the country!

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Community Service Events

Our chapter is dedicated to giving back the the local community and beyond. Various events are held every semester to bring together our brothers and the community through events. We host bingo nights at the Bristol senior center, have a semi-annual beach cleanups on campus, handcraft birthday cards to children in the hospital through The Confetti Foundation, host a campus wide tye-dye- t-shirt event to raise money for Honey for Haiti, donate over 100+ food items to the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Basket competition, collect can tabs for The Ronald McDonald House, volunteer at local events within the surrounding area, and host many other events.

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Fundraising Events

Our chapter holds fundraising events in order to raise money for our individual chapter. Some fundraising events done in the past include apparel, milkshake delivery on campus, caramel apple delivery on campus, chipotle fundraiser, and many more. We aim to make our fundraisers inclusive and enjoyable for brothers. Participating in our fundraising events is a great way to help out our chapter!


Social Events

Our chapter hosts regular social events that allow brothers to bond with each other and share common interests. Some events that we have include Holiday gatherings, BBQ’s, attending hockey games, hosting a brother Thanksgiving, bowling events, Dave and Busters, and many more. Our brothers love coming together to socialize and make new friends. Going to social events is a great way to meet new brothers from different business majors, graduate years, and backgrounds.